RAINBOW KARAOKE is the largest KTV bar in Melbourne and it is also the first KTV bar with personalized themes. You would have different new feelings for each time you come as it has 44 private rooms with individualized renovation, among which there is one 48-square-meter multifunctional hall which is the largest in Melbourne and three top VIP rooms. The super-large multifunctional hall can accommodate 35 people at the most and is suitable for all kinds of parties and companies’ business activities. The renovation of the three top VIP rooms is luxury and elegant. It is your preferred choice for private party as each private room has special service personnel to provide intimate services.

Email Booking: booking@rainbowworld.com.au

***Pictures are artificial photos, for your reference only.

Rainbow Karaoke HAPPY HOUR    7 Days > 5pm - 10:30pm
Small Room $30 per hour    Medium Room $50 per hour
* (Price not including food and drinks)
Sun - Thur 5pm until late Fri-Sat & Public Holidays 5pm until late
Small Room
(4-6 people)
$158 $208
Medium Room
(6-8 people)
$248 $328
Large Room
(10-12 people)
$368 $538
Rainbow Party Room
(25-30 people)
$688 $888
Small Room
$1,188 $1,188
Medium Room
$1,388 $1,388
Large Room
$1,688 $1,688

* Happy Hour Offer is not including Large Room, Rainbow Party Room and VIP rooms.
* Proof of identity such as passport, key card, driver's license will be required on entry of Rainbow Karaok.e